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Alhamdullilah All Praise to Allah Ta'ala for preserving Revelation for us and appointing Ulama-i-Haqq to guide our understanding of Qur’an and Sunnah. We are not above the Shariah, we are very sinful, we at Darul Emaan make it publicly known we have our own shortcomings. However the sins and infringements we are guilty off, is not in the name of deen nor do we justify it with Quran Sharif and Hadith.

It is out fervent dua that the Almighty protects and preserve our Imaan in Islam. We do not seek to curry favour with any person, organisation or government. This organisation will act as an Umbrella body that will work with Ulama Haqqani (true Ulama), Lawyers and others to do all within our means to Defend Islam, Protect our Masjids and promote the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah within the Shariah and all legal means possible We believe that the Shias, Qadianies and Agha Khanis are out of the fold of Islam.

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We Thank Almighty Allah and Praise Almighty Allah.
We Send Salawaat and Salaam Upon Nabiﷺ.
With The Mercy of Allah Taala We Have Completed Daily Naseeha 2000.
Naseeha 1 - 2000

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Allahummajalna Minal Maqbooleen
O Allah, Make Us from those Whom You Accept.

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A call to the Ulama and Public of South Africa

As country after country begin to toe the line in the gradual attempt to corrode the roles that are set by Allah and to indoctrinate the masses to accept the creed of modernism, LGBT and feminism, the trajectory that is being noticed is that influential scholars are being recruited to further these agendas under the banner and pretext of "tolerance ", "unity" and the false pretext of giving in to government pressure in order to protect Muslim interests...

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Mufti AK Q & A

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Tafseer by Mufti AK

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You can change an orphan’s

life forever with sponsorship.

Our $7.5 million campaign is designed to empower international leaders to intervene on behalf of the 8 million orphans living in institutions around the world. Through this historic campaign, we’re working to advocates for millions of orphans and ensure thousands of children receive holistic care and a path to independence and family.

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