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A petition for the future of deen in South Africa


A call to the Ulama and Public of South Africa

As country after country begin to toe the line in the gradual attempt to corrode the roles that are set by Allah and to indoctrinate the masses to accept the creed of modernism, LGBT and feminism, the trajectory that is being noticed is that influential scholars are being recruited to further these agendas under the banner and pretext of "tolerance ", "unity" and the false pretext of giving in to government pressure in order to protect Muslim interests.

These calls, however, are mere justifications and do not hold true as a Muslim's life is meant to be sacrificed for ISLAM and not the other way around, as well as the fact that these tactics only serve to delay the inevitable as the disbelievers shall never be pleased till Islam is wiped out in its entirety.

Other Islamic organizations and Iftas had been asked regarding these issues and where quick to respond. It is unfortunate that despite Jamiatul Ulama South Africa and UUCSA being asked on numerous occasions they have maintained silence and we are therefore forced to take this matter of AQEEDAH up publicly. With this in mind and with the hope of securing the progenies to come we have to ask our Islamic organizations questions so as to gauge their stance on these issues.

We therefore pose the following Questions to Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA) as well as UUCSA: Since they claim to represent the Muslims of South Africa and state they wish to protect Aqeeda (refer to picture of their statement in the petition), it is hoped they would heed the call from the Muslims and answer the following:

1. What is your organisation's stance on feminism and its conceptual ideologies as well as equal gender roles or gender equality?

2. What is your stance on the LGBT community and can the LGBT community be respected in the sense that we attend their gatherings or host them on our platforms such as radio stations etc?

3. What is your stance on the free mixing of sexes?

4. What is your stance on interfaith gatherings and prayers?
Would it be in the greater good for Muslims to mix and attend prayers of non-Muslims?
What is your stance on the Abrahamic Accord?
How would this effect the ideology of perrenialism that is being pushed world wide?

5. What is your stance on the Ghulenists and the book FETO and the beliefs contained therein?

6. What is your stance on Isna Ashari Shias and can Muslims be friends with Shias?

Since these issues are non ikhtilaafi and has been an issue of unanimity amongst the Ulama of the Ahlus Sunnah and the claim of Jamiatul Ulama is that they have gone on TV in order to protect the AQEEDAH of the masses(please refer to a picture of their statement in this regard, which is the picture of this petition)as well as the claim to represent the Muslims of South Africa, it shouldn't be a problem to answer these.
Do you wish to know the stance of these organisations on these issues?
If so take out time to sign and forward this petition!